Ignorance Is No Excuse

I’m not sure if you’re ready or want to hear the truth

The reality is disastrous: Racist genocide poisoning our youth

It’s tough to stay neutral in these heated times of war

Collaborating with the enemy is not what I have in store

What enemy? Let me paint you the picture

In a world ruled by hate not everyone was gifted with love as a feature

Mental disorder lacking empathy is the product of both nature and nurture

War crimes and dark traits are reflected by your wish to torture

Is violence and hate your place in this universe?

I understand you are angry so please let’s converse

Light will be shined upon those who pray for change

You are merely a pawn in the destiny we face

Please elaborate the motivation for your rage

Does it make you feel like you’re trapped in a cage?

Do you assume vengeance will make your life better?

Warning: If hate prevails the rain will get wetter

Our civilization will be flooded with God’s tears

He is the one comprehending your fears

Now it’s up to you to improvise, adapt and overcome

We can all be the winners and not just the one

I’m not asking for forfeiture but assimilation

Can’t you feel the passion of love dominating our nation?

Remember the past and learn for the future

If revenge is your plot you might have to mature

Higher power orchestrating all as one

Bullying is the most despicable type of fun

Discrediting others doesn’t polish your character

You’ll be left with the pain of the ones you have fractured

Leadership may not be dictated by fear

Therefore it’s time for politics to shift gear

We spread the word of love and healing power of forgiveness

Believe that despite your behavior God is not merciless

Learn how to love but don’t forget how to hate

Victims of war are not enemies of the state

Stop criminalization and start spreading peace

Freedom isn’t free, it doesn’t grow on trees

Realize your selfishness limits your profit potential

Spread the riches and all consumers and vendors will benefit

Chances in life should be anchored in integrity

You have the power not to contribute to ultimate tragedy

We are the army of love bringing you the revolution

Equal opportunity is non-negotiable in our constitution

Helping others will help you experience joy

Even without your support we will deploy the horse of Troy

Hear this shout out, you have a shot at redemption

We don’t want you to end in exemption

Void of the universe forever expanding

Restlessly drifting forever if you’re not willing to be understanding

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